Child Abuse

Over the past several years, Mr. Claypool has partnered with various Child Advocacy Groups to collectively protect children from child abuse and discrimination based on race and mental disability. Mr. Claypool and his team have also made progress against various school districts in protecting the Civil Rights of special needs children from physical, mental and sexual abuse. Mr. Claypool has worked feverishly both with school officials and legislators to institute much need procedural and structural changes within schools to ensure that child predators are vetted and the safety of our children is preserved.

blueribbon_Recently, Mr. Claypool was catapulted into the national limelight when he appeared in front of 30 TV cameras at Miramonte school as the lead lawyer for a large group of children who were subjected to horrifying forms of abuse over a several year time period by a Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) teacher. Despite being notified on at least 3 prior occasions that this teacher was a suspected child predator, officials at Miramonte school and the LAUSD accused the reporting children and parents of lying. They knowingly permitted this teacher to continue to commit such lewd acts as placing his semen in cookies which were routinely fed to the children, some of whom had their hands tied behind their back. The same teacher also forced children to ingest his semen from a small spoon while he took pictures of this. He also placed cockroaches on the faces of numerous students while he took pictures. Mr. Claypool one of three lead lawyers that filed a several hundred million dollar lawsuit against the LAUSD and individual school board members on behalf of 20 children and parents for negligence, intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress and Civil Rights violations based on a “special relationship” created between the LAUSD and the parents of the abused children. Mr. Claypool also authored letters to President Obama and his wife Michelle imploring them to launch a criminal investigation of Miramonte school and the LAUSD. Recently, the US Department of Justice, in conjunction with the Los Angeles FBI office opened a file on Miramonte school.

Most recently, Mr. Claypool was once again launched onto the national platform as the attorney representing 5 young boys at La Puente High School who were subjected to a terrorizing form of hazing/sexual abuse as members of the high school soccer team. Based on the accounts of the victimized boys, they were lured into a dressing room by the “coach/teacher” at which time they were attacked by numerous varsity players. The assailants sodomized the anus of the boys with the end of a javelin pole, often taping the attack.

Mr. Claypool is in the process of partnering with other child advocates to form a non profit corporation, the purpose of which would be to provide a “safe” portal in which parents and/or children would be able to report suspected abuse without being subjected to retaliation and recrimination.

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