How We Got Here

After years of conducting jury trials, having a lucrative career, and a 90% win rate, Mr. Claypool was at a turning point in his career where he wanted to experience a deeper fulfillment with respect to the work he was doing.

In early 2002, through prayer and his Christian faith, Mr. Claypool was called to help a family in Fresno, CA whose son had been shot in the head by law enforcement. After reviewing the details of the case and realizing the horrible injustice that had been done, Mr. Claypool knew he had found his calling for a greater purpose and immediately started proceedings to help this family fight for justice in their son’s murder.

CourtRoomOver the next five years, Mr. Claypool embarked on a journey that eventually became the bedrock for what would be his Civil Rights excessive force specialty practice. Both the victim’s family and Mr. Claypool’s office turned down a three million dollar settlement from the insurance company, sending a clear and direct message to law enforcement that there would be zero tolerance for such misconduct and the need for accountability. Taking the offered settlement would not have brought about the much needed change in excessive force practices by the police. The victim’s family and Mr. Claypool had the courage to go the distance, and required law enforcement to take full responsibility for their actions.

Since that first case in 2002, Mr. Claypool has taken on numerous excessive force cases throughout the Southern, CA and the Pacific Northwest. Mr. Claypool will be the first to state that finding justice isn’t always about winning a battle of goliath proportions; but rather, it’s about being fearless enough to take a civil rights case to jury verdict.

Mr. Claypool partners with several preeminent Civil Rights attorneys, who are nothing short of tenacious and fearless in prosecuting these cases. Together they are capable of marshalling a significant amount of resources to fight against government and law enforcement agencies. This partnership also affords clients access to several brilliant legal minds and expertise at a minimal cost.

Mr. Claypool learned early on, through the heroic example of his parents, about fighting tirelessly for the rights of others. Both parents fought in the military, defending the very freedoms and constitution that their son now fights to uphold on behalf of his clients. Through their bravery and example, Mr. Claypool developed the unfettered passion and dedication he pours into each and every case he takes on. Stepping into the courtroom is not unlike his parents having stepped out onto the front line of battle. With each case Mr. Claypool tries he’s reminded of the courage, bravery and selflessness of his parents, who are both at rest in Arlington Cemetery, and considers it an honor and privilege to continue their fight and legacy.