Other Practice Areas


The Firm prosecutes various civil matters against local government entities and school districts including child abuse and sex crimes against minors. The Firm is currently prosecuting cases against the Pasadena Unified School District and the Los Angeles Unified School District, including the Miramonte Elementary School sex abuse scandal. See Press Page for more detail.


The Firm represents consumers in personal injury and wrongful death matters arising out of medical malpractice, product liability, premises liability and negligence. Mr. Claypool has successfully prosecuted serious injury cases against international manufactures of vehicles and various products. The Firm has also prosecuted medical cases involving failure to diagnose.


The Firm prosecutes and defends in State and Federal Court business disputes arising out of breach of contract, real estate transactions, negligent investment advice, and failure to provide insurance coverage. Recently, the Firm secured a multimillion dollar settlement on behalf of a non profit organization against an international CPA Firm for negligent investment advice.

The Firm also prosecutes high end collection matters on a select basis for corporate clients and engages in counseling these clients internally to craft contractual agreements to ensure greater profitability. The Firm also assists select corporate clients in screening potential customers to avert potential litigation by virtue of non payment.

On Select occasisons, the Firm continues to represent various employers so long as Mr. Claypool is comfortable that an employee has not been mistreated and no conflict of interest exists.


Members of the Firm have developed an expertise in prosecuting a variety of wrongful termination claims including constructive discharge actions. Mr. Claypool has prevailed in cases where the employer creates a hostile work environment leaving the employee no other choice but to resign. In addition, the Firm has prosecuted many claims based on racial, gender, and age discrimination as well as matters involving sexual harassment, and discrimination based on a recognized disability or serious medical condition. Most recently, Mr. Claypool obtained very favorable results for a group of six women in a class action suit against a major Motel Chain. The suit involved claims of unpaid overtime/break time, age discrimination, gender discrimination, constructive discharge and wrongful termination based on serious medical condition. The Firm also prosecutes employment matters arising from negligent supervision and employer liability for torts committed by employees


Mr. Claypool continues to assist select clients in criminal matters including domestic violence, murder, attempted murder, assault on a peace officer with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest and other charges that the firm believes are a result of police department witness intimidation and harassment. On other occasions, the Firm will assist clients in criminal matters and after prevailing will later prosecute civil claims for false imprisonment and civil rights violations.

The Firm also handles, for select clients, criminal matters ranging from DUI, assualt, resisting arrest to attempted murder.


Members of the Firm continue to represent select self insured corporate clients in a myriad of general litigation matters covered under their commercial liability policy. Mr. Claypool has also defended claims arising from intentional torts committed on the premises of a business owner. The Firm has also served as panel counsel for international insurers such as Liberty International Underwriters. Mr. Claypool also assists his corporate clients in implementing loss prevention measures to avoid potential litigation.