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As owner and managing general partner of the firm, Brian E. Claypool realized early on in his career that in order to obtain the most optimal result for a client, a lawyer must step into the shoes of the client to better understand her/his needs, business procedures, general business philosophy, personality and fears. Mr. Claypool and members of his firm are mindful that if a case needs to proceed to a trial, that a true partnership between the lawyer and client must exist to collectively motivate a jury to find in your favor.

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Our Victories

$16.6M settlement against City of Santa Monica police volunteer and also bringing about fundamental structural changes to safeguard at risk children.

$800,000 settlement (without litigation) against a Catholic girl’s school on behalf of female student sexually assaulted by a female teacher.

$150,000 settlement against local school district (pre-litigation) involving a male student bullied by a female teacher.

May 26, 2017: $1,850,000 recovery in private foster care physical and emotional abuse case. (San Bernardino County Court).

Current Cases of Social Impact

Las Vegas mass shooting
currently representing 150 victims in a pending case against MGM/Mandalay Bay for negligent security.

Jenna Groom
we will be prosecuting a civil lawsuit against the City of Paso Robles for alleged multiple sexual assaults carried out on our client by a former on duty police officer.

Rosalie Avila
we are prosecuting a wrongful death action against the Yucaipa/Calimesa Unified School district for failing to protect Rosalie from relentless bullying that led to her killing herself by hanging.

Beverly Rafferty
we are lead trial counsel in New Orleans, Louisiana in a sexual assault lawsuit against the City of Baton Rouge for an alleged rape of our client by an on duty police officer.

Anthony Avalos murder
we are currently prosecuting a multi million dollar wrongful death and survivor lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Department of Child and Family services stemming from a 9 year old boy being tortured and murdered despite countless red flags of sexual and physical abuse that DCFS ignored.

Eric Uller File Complaint
The Claypool Law Firm represents 5 young men and 1 young woman in a civil lawsuit against the Santa Monica Police Activities League.

Our Practice Areas


MGM/Mandalay Bay Civil Lawsuits

Representing victims and their families in the wrongful death and personal injury civil lawsuits related to the Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Sexual Harassment

The Claypool Law Firm prosecutes workplace sexual harassment and sexual abuse cases

Civil Rights Litigation

Civil rights and civil liberties litgations is another one of my specialities

Criminal Defense Litigation

Expertise includes criminal defense litigation

Personal Injury/Wrongful Death

The Firm prosecutes serious personal injury cases and wrongful death cases arising from automobile or work accidents, or injury occurring by other responsible third parties.

Child Abuse Litigation

I specialize in child abuse litigation

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